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School Nurse

Name Position Ext
Jill Parris-Sutton JFA Nurse 1225
Sandra Laubengeyer  SMS Nurse 2224
Susan Nitshe SHS Nurse 3232 

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Your  child’s immunizations must meet state guidelines.  You will be notified if your child requires  any immunizations.  New students  transferring into the district must provide a documented immunization record  prior to entering the Salem City School District.

General Information About the Flu
H1N1 Consent Form
H1N1 Commissioner memo
H1N1 Commissioner  - Attachment
H1N1 Definitions
H1N1 Case Confirmation


Students in the Salem City Schools are not permitted to carry or administer 
medication to self or others.
Students should not bring medications to school except under the following 
  1. A written directive, by the physician, prescribing said medication, indicating that it must be taken during school hours.
  2. Written request from parent/guardian, requesting school to supervise, control and dispense medication.
  3. Container must comply with all State and Federal Laws, which state that medicines are to be in the original containers, with appropriate labels.
  4. Medications must be  delivered immediately to the school nurse for safekeeping.
By State regulations, only a certified school nurse may administer the prescribed medication to students.