Recognizing JFS Teachers
Parents recognize dedication of teachers
Posted on 07/27/2012
JFS Teacher

Parents of students at Salem's John Fenwick School recognize dedication of their childrens' teachers

Published: Thursday, June 07, 2012, 12:30 PM
SALEM — Special teachers make a lasting impression on their students.

That’s the case at Salem City’s John Fenwick School — and parents recognize how special their childrens' teachers are to them.

On Wednesday, parents of  kindergarten students at John Fenwick organized a party to thank teacher Lissette Griscom and para-professional Regina Colon for the care they have shown their children in school.

The celebration included treats along with a special cake with the class’s picture on it.

The event, parents said, was an appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the students’ education throughout the school year.