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The Salem High School Military Wall of Honor is a tribute to all graduates of Salem High School who have served, or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Military.

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If you served or are serving in the military and are a Salem High School graduate, we would be honored to add you to the Military Wall.  Family members may forward a picture and information on your behalf.

To submit Military information, please
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Salem High School
Military Wall of Honor
219 Walnut St.
Salem, NJ  08079
Attn: Lisa Mutter
  or, email

Alphabetical Listing

Accoo, William
Acton, Frederick Apgar
Acton, James Newell Jr.
Bloemer, Richard Chester
Bradway, Duane S.
Brown, Zachary
Bryant, Michael D.
Campbell, James A.
Cawman, David A.
Cawman, John W.
Chambers, Ryan Dean
Chrustowski, John "Jack" Richard
Clark, Brian
Covey, James Michael Jr.
Crane, Donald "Duke" Chevalier
Crane, William B.
Crawford, Louis E.
Crispin, David Jay
David, Shaalim "Hasan"
Davis, Harold L. Jr.
Elwell, Dr. Kenneth
Emery, Lester
Endres, Jimmy
English, Wilfred H.
Faulhaber, David L.
Fisher, William A.
Freison, Marcus
Fullwood, Darrell
Gallagher, James K.
Gardner, Robert Norris
Green, Frank W.
Gurlin, Sandra
Harasta, Joseph M. Sr.
Harris, Harriet F.
Harris, Kacey
Harris, Lester
Harris, Nicholas
Harris, Ralph Leon
Harris, Richard S.
Harwood, Robert Edward
Haynes, John L.
Hill, William
Himmon, Irvin Augusta
Jones, Harry W. Jr.
Jones, Merris
LaBree, Brian
Locke, Rev. Joseph Reeves Sr.
Locke, Roy C. Jr.
Mahala, Theordore J.
Maldonado, Benjamin
Martin, Jay
McCoy, Ashlie A.
Miller, Eric Stewart
Newkirk, Robert S. 
Newton, Edgar DeWitt
Padilla, Jordon L.
Padilla, Justin 
Paras, James
Parkell, William B. Sr.
Parris-Atwell, Gwyn
Pierce, Keith
Pierson, Lester Roy
Poloske, Ronald F.
Ross, Charles A.
Sampson, James M. Jr.
Savage, Dinnell
Savage, Steve
Sheets, Brian
Shimp, Gary L. Jr.
Shimp, Michael L.
Shute, James
Shute, Jeremy
Simpson, A.J.
Snipes-Trotter, Dana
Spain, James
Sparks, George P. Jr.
Stanley, Brittany R.
Stanley, Kendrea L.
Stanley, Kenneth A.
Stevenson, Frederick Lee
Summiel, David III
Thomas, Dwight David Jr.
Toms, John "Jack" W.
Toulson, Arthur R.
Vanderslice, William
Washington, James R.
White, Larry
Woods, Joe