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Guidance & Counseling
Guidance Office
Phone 856-935-3900
FAX 856-935-3288

Name Position Ext
Helen Hall Guidance Chairperson 3228 hall@salemnj.org
Regina Gatson Guidance Counselor 3231 gatson@salemnj.org
David Hunt Guidance Counselor 3229 hunt@salemnj.org 
Alfreda McCoy-Cuff  Secretary, 
3227 mccoy-cuff@salemnj.org 

During the school year, students will be interviewed by their respective counselors.  
The following alphabetical arrangement, according to the student's last name, is used for assigning students to their counselors: 

A - E - Ms. Hall  
F - O - Mr. Hunt  
P - Z - Mrs. Gatson

Program of Studies 2014-2015

Graduation Verification, Transcripts &
Enrollment Records

Please contact 856-935-3900 ext. 3227
Alfreda McCoy-Cuff

SHS CEEB Code - 311350 
College Board 
 SAT & Subject Tests


Name Position Ext
Name Position Ext