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Lisa B. Mutter,
Educational Media Specialist/
To reach the librarian during the school day Ext. 3545
(Circulation Desk)

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Ext. 3233


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The Salem High School Library / Learning Resource Center / Media Center strives to be an integral part of the school's total instructional program.  The Library / Media Center is designed to provide comprehensive support, instruction and materials to all Salem High School students and faculty.  Our mission is to make students independent and effective users of information.

Lessons on information retrieval skills are planned and taught jointly by the Media Specialist and classroom teachers. 

All students and staff are invited to use the Library / Media Center for academic, curricular, and instructional support, as well as for recreational reading

Computer Work Stations

The LRC has 10 desktop computers & 20 laptop computers available for student and staff use.  Teachers plan and schedule classes with the Media Specialist for research units utilizing online references and other library materials.  Teachers may schedule the use of computers for their class on a daily/ weekly basis.  Study hall students are welcome to visit the library to use computers as long as a teacher and their class is not using the facility. 


The Library / Media Center offers an extensive collection (more than 8,000 items) of print and non-print resources. The Library / Media Center's resources have been specifically selected to support the school's instructional program

in the Electronic Age
Fifth Edition, by Diana Hacker and Barbara Fister.