From the Principal's Office

2013-2014 School Year

Dear Stakeholders,

The mission of the Salem Middle School is to provide a secure, clean, and positive learning environment in which every one of our 435 students is encouraged and expected to learn to the fullest extent possible. To facilitate this goal, all resources, personnel and programs are dedicated towards this end. The Salem Middle School is committed to establishing and optimizing a Partners in Learning relationship with student and parents as well as all members of the Salem City Community.

Salem Middle School currently houses grades three to eight.  The five third grade and five fourth grade classes are in the traditional self-contained format while the fifth, sixth,seventh, and eighth grades each form a loop. All teachers are highly qualified in all grade levels and are also content certified in the subject matter they teach from grades five to eight.  The school has four self-contained special education classrooms, four resource rooms, and full inclusion in grades four, five, six and eight. 

In order to meet our students’ academic needs, we use the following assessments to guide classroom instruction: Core Curriculum based quarterly pre and post tests in literacy and math for all grade levels, the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) Benchmark in literacy and math in the fall and winter, Lexile Assessments (which evaluates students’ reading levels) in grades five to eight, and the Fountas and Pinnell Testing (which evaluates students reading levels) in grades three and four three times per year. The data from these tests is used to both improve instruction and remediate student deficiencies.  Continued efforts in this area will ensure that student needs are being met in the classroom and that student learning is the focus. 

In addition to the core academic programs, Salem Middle School is dedicated to the Fine Arts.  This dedication is based on research that states that student involvement in instrumental music and the arts not only improves behavior but more importantly, student achievement.

Salem Middle School has two school counselors who are committed to resolving problems on a proactive basis.  Our counselors work with individuals, with small groups, and provide classroom instruction.  Several new programs have been implemented and other programs continued in order to help our students be successful and safe.  Some of the current counseling programs include: Club Transition (a program for new students), Gentleman’s Club, IR&S (Intervention and Referral Services), National Junior Honor Society, Naviance (a college and career readiness program), Peer Mediation Program, Salem County Youth Club, and School Based Youth Services.

In order to meet the world’s ever changing technology needs, we commit extensive resources to updating our school and classrooms.  We have two computer labs, five portable laptop carts and each classroom is equipped with a StarBoard.  Students are engaged in significant Internet research each year.  PowerPoint presentations are developed and presented by students.  Students in 5th through 8thgrade are also currently completing electronic math portfolios.  Each classroom has at least four computers with Internet access while select students are provided with iPads.

Supplementing the regular curriculum, special assemblies on various topics in science, history,and humanities are presented.  Again this year we look forward to the induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society.  Students will be elected for membership based upon the established criteria. A joint ceremony will be held which will include the four sending districts to the high school.

There has been a significant amount of positive change at the Salem Middle School over the past years.  We will continue to recognize and reward those students who are doing their best in terms of attaining academic achievement, demonstrating good citizenship and sportsmanship, and being contributing members of our school community.

Yours in Education,

John R Mulhorn