IBWSC 2014 --- Montréal, Canada

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IB Student World Conference
Montréal, CANADA

IB World

Human Rights for the 21st Century

IB World

International Baccalaureate World Student Conference 2014

When: July 21–25, 2014

Where: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Human Rights for the 21st Century

The goal of the IB World Student Conference 2014 is to encourage deep reflection on some of today’s most pressing Human Rights issues and provide participants with the opportunity to discuss and develop new approaches for addressing the violations of the basic rights we share as humans.

This conference will devote one day to each of our major themes, which include Indigenous peoples’ rights, Children’s rights, and how technology can be used to advance human rights actions. By bringing together subject matter experts, scholars, activists, advocates, lawyers, and philanthropists, we hope that by way of education, engagement and dialogue we will set in motion the first of many ripples that will positively influence the practices and policies that will change the world for the better.