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The Salem High School Military Wall of Honor is a tribute to
Salem High School United States Military veterans & active duty.

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If you are active duty or a Veteran; and, a Salem High School alumni, we would be honored to add you to the Military Wall.  Family members may forward a picture and information on your behalf.

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Salem High School
Military Wall of Honor
219 Walnut St.
Salem, NJ  08079
Attn: Lisa Mutter
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Alphabetical Listing 
(Ongoing project, updates are coming)

   Military Alumni C/O   BRANCH  Photo
  Accoo, William   1931(est)  Army X
  Acton, Frederick Apgar  1961 Army X
  Acton, James Newell Jr.   1958 Army X
KIA Allen, Frank Albert 1937 Army X
KIA Allison, Lewis Warren 1940 Army X
  Ambruster, Brian W.
1956 Navy X
  Anderson, Horace E. 1949 Navy X
  Andrews, Clarence William   Navy Reserve X
  Andrews, John 1955 Marine Corps X
  Ansink, Roger Moran 1937 Army Air Corps X
  Appleby, Lloyd H. 1951 Air Force X
  Archer, Samuel Joseph Jr.  1941 Army X
  Atkinson, Clifford James 1943 Marine Corps X
  Atwell, Hugh S. 1953 Navy X
  Augustyniak, E. Carol 1962 Navy X
  Ayars, Charles S. Jr. 1966 Air Force X
  Ayars, David Mulford III  1963 Army
  Ayres, John Leroy 1933 Army X
  Ayers, Ralph Y. 1966 Army
  Bacon, Edwin F. 1934 Navy X
  Bacon, Herbert C. 1943 Navy X
  Bacon, Jesse H. 1957 Army X
  Bacon, Norman F. 1950 Navy X
  Baker, Henry 1940 Navy X
  Baldwin, Robert James 1962 Army X
  Banger, John Westley Jr. 1947 Navy X
  Banks, Charles V. III 1960 Navy X
  Banks, John S. "Jack" 1957 Navy X
  Bantum, George Jr. 1980 Air Force X
  Bantum, Kevin 1978 Air Force X
  Bantum - Belinfanti, Mabel 1933 (est) Army X
  Bantum, William 1976 Marine Corps X
  Barger, Martha Grace 1956 Army X
  Barron, Jack Darlington 1939 Navy X
  Baytops, William 1979 Army X
  Bell, Paul S. 1958 Army Reserve X
  Bell, Terry Lee 1974 Army X
  Belleman, William I. 1941 Army X
 KIA Bender, Joseph J. 1940 Navy X
  Benner, Jeryl Lee 1941 Army Air Corps X
  Benner, Louis C. 1958 Army X
  Bentley, Wayne D. 1962 Army X
  Berry, Carson 1978 Air Force X
  Berry, Clara Jane 1951 Air Force  X
  Berry, Paul C. 1957 Navy X
  Bertles, Bruce Wayne 1955 Air Force X
  Biddle, Charles Edwin III 1962 Air Force X
  Biddle, Everett  1969 (est) Navy X
  Biddle, Howard Edward Jr. 1945 Navy X
  Biddle, Russell Conwell Jr. 1965 (est) Navy X
  Biddle, Russell Conwell Sr. 1947 (est) Army X
  Biddle, Warren E. Jr. 1943 Army X
  Billings, James Jr. 1950 Army X
  Billings, Thomas J. 1936 Army X
  Binder, Frederick J. 1953 Marine Corps  X
  Bloemer, Richard Chester  1940 Army X
  Bodofsky, Morris   Navy X
  Boggs, Alfred B, Jr. 1943 Army X
  Boon, Edward Winfield  1959 Navy X
  Boon, Robert Preston  1963 Navy & Marine Corps X
  Boos, Cecelia M. 1956 Army X
  Borden, Ivan Q. 1985 Army X
  Borden, Robert John 1976 Army X
  Bower, Frederick III 1962 Marine Corps X
  Bower, Michael D. 1967 Army X
  Boyce, Nakia
1992 Army X
  Boynton, Lawrence 1949 Army Air Force X
  Boynton, Richard Holmes
1942 Army X
  Bradford, Wilbert E. 1941  Army X
  Bradshaw, Ruth Ann 1954 Army X
  Bradway, Duane S.  1999 Air Force X
  Bradway, Leroy Horner 1955 Navy X
  Brandiff, John S. 1935 Army Air Corps  X
  Brank, Charles Lester 1971 (est) Marine Corps  
  Brank, Joe Michael 1974 (est) Army   
  Breslin, Robert Francis Jr.  1963 Coast Guard X
  Brice, Rudell M. 1960 Navy  X
  Brown, Alfred Howard 1951 Air Force X
  Brown, James H. Jr. 1970 Navy X
  Brown, John Gilbert 1952 Air Force X
  Brown, Josiah S. 1947 Army X
  Brown, Kenneth Jr.  1965 Army X