Better Questions = Better Research

Better questions = Better research 
The better the question the better the paper!

Which one?

Collect information to inform a decision…

Which city in the Mid-West is the best place to live?

Which serious disease most deserves research funding?



To understand problems and weigh options with many points of view

How would I solve an environmental problem in my neighborhood?

How did scientific advances in the1800’s affect the outcome of the Civil War?


What if ?

Hypothetical - use knowledge to forman hypothesis

What if the Declaration ofIndependence had abolished slavery?

What if the Germans had not sunk the Lusitania?



Moral or practical decision

Should we clone humans?

Should we open trade with Cuba?



Understanding cause and effect -relationships

Why do people abuse children?

Why is the mortality rate in one developing country higher than another?



  1. Answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY of the topic.

  2. Use a graphic organizer - like a KLW Chart.   What do I already know about the topic? What I think I know but I’m not sure about the topic. What I would like to know about the topic. Connections between this topic andother things that I know about.

  3. How does this topic directly affect me personally? My family? My community? My State, Region, Country, World, Universe?

  4. Place yourself in the position of the persons or organizations involved in the topic.  Any insights? (What if I were President Obama and had to decide about sending more troops to Afghanistan?)

  5. Use this Brainstorm Topic Organizer to brainstorm possible questions.