John Fenwick Teachers

Syeda L. Carter, Principal
Shasharaa Blackshear, Assistant Principal of Early Childhood 
JFA - 856-935-4100

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Name Position  Ext
Deborah Atkinson Teacher 1034 [email protected]
 Jennifer Cascaden Teacher 1024 [email protected] 
 Jasmine Dodds  Teacher  1022  [email protected] 
Cheryl Flitcraft   Teacher   1041 [email protected] 
Victoria Galasso  Teacher 1032 [email protected]
 Bridget Lafferty Teacher 1033 [email protected]
 Alberte Olivier-Martin   Teacher 1023 [email protected]  
 Karen Walker Teacher 1043 [email protected] 
 Eileen Zarbo Teacher 1035 [email protected] 
Laura Krupski Teacher 1111 [email protected] 
 Deanna Livingston Teacher 1110 [email protected] 
 Krystle Mullen Teacher 1117 [email protected]
 Karen Pastor Teacher 1114 [email protected] 
 Lisa Terrell-Porter Teacher 1107 [email protected] 
Grade 1
 Tiara Barron Teacher 1013  [email protected]
 Michael Hughes Teacher 1012 [email protected]
Debra Persicketti  Teacher 1011 [email protected]
 Katie Ridgway Teacher  1010 [email protected]
Ashley Vernon  Teacher 1019 [email protected]
Grade 2
 Ruqayyah Ali
Teacher 1018
[email protected]
 Kaneisha Boyce  Teacher 1017  [email protected] 
 Pasquale Forti Teacher 1016 [email protected]
Patricia McClaren Teacher 1014 [email protected] 
  Teacher 1015
Special Education 
 Elyssa Haines  PSD 1031 [email protected]
 Christine Menold MD 1104 [email protected] 
Special Subjects
Jack Grimes Music 1045 [email protected]
 Melissa McLaughlin Health & Physical Education  1235 [email protected] 
Mary Traini  Art 1025 [email protected]
Student Services 
 Octavius Brown ESS 1120 [email protected]
Tonya Connor Pre-K Social Worker 1047 [email protected] 
 Stephanie Heath  Master Teacher  1049 [email protected] 
 Dale Primas-Garner Transition Coach 1048 [email protected]
Monique Robinson  Reading Specialist
1021 [email protected]
Danielle Secula   Speech Therapist  1040 [email protected]  
 Jill Sutton-Parris Nurse 1225 [email protected] 
 Pre-K Paraprofessionals
 Teresa Aitken Pre-K (Flitcraft) 1041 [email protected] 
Shakema Bagby
Pre-K (Martin) 1023 [email protected]
Lashawn Best-Key   Pre-K (Walker)  1043 [email protected] 
 Kathleen A. Carter Pre-K (Lafferty)  1033 [email protected]  
Aida Davis  Pre-K (Atkinson) 1034 [email protected] 
Amy Deans  Pre-K (Dodds) 1022 [email protected]
 Christina Fothergill Pre-K (Zarbo) 1035 [email protected] 
Avonda Green-Ransome  Pre-K (Cascaden)  1024 [email protected] 
Elizabeth Whitehead  Pre-K (Galasso)  1032 [email protected] 
Kimberly Bacon Kindergarten (K. Pastor) 1114 [email protected]
 Rhonda Lusby
Kindergarten (D. Livingston) 
1110 [email protected] 
Mary Morris
Kindergarten (L. Porter)
1107 [email protected] 
Luz Williams Kindergarten (L. Krupski) 1111 [email protected]  
PSD/MD/1-1 Paraprofessionals
 Danielle Abrantes  PSD 1-1 (Menold) 1104 [email protected]
Kathleen R. Carter PSD 1-1 (Haines) 1131 [email protected]
 Lily Kalyon Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Michelle Norton PSD (Haines)  1131 [email protected] 
 Brandi Parks-Chollis  PSD 1-1 (Menold) 1104 [email protected]
Angelica Roman   PSD 1-1 (Menold) 
[email protected]