Scholarship Opportunities


See Ms. Gatson in the SHS Guidance Office
if you have further questions.
856-935-3900 ext. 3231

AAA South Jersey



$6,500 DEADLINE: JAN. 8

NJSCPA College Scholarship Program

$5,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 24

Judy Corman Memorial Scholarship from Scholastic

$2,500 DEADLINE: FEB. 1

Roothbert Fund Scholarship

$2,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

Nitro Student Scholarship Sweepstakes

$4,000 DEADLINE: FEB. 15

Course Hero Education Giveaway

$4,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

Course Hero Scholarship Sweepstakes

$1,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship

$5,000 DEADLINE: FEB. 28

LetGrow "Think for Yourself" Scholarship

$2,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 23

Rev. Dr. Wallace Charles Smith HBCU Scholarship Award

$1,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

Against All Odds Scholarship

$1,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

Willful Worker Scholarship

$1,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

The Michael Krochak Pre-Dental Scholarship

$1,000 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

The Good Law Scholarship

$1,500 DEADLINE: JAN. 31

Unigo I Have a Dream Scholarship

...for more Local Scholarships
contact Ms. Gatson in the Guidance Office

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